Email service providers are blanketing the world with services and technology.  I am a true believer that marketers must engage consumers via email and social channels and must do so in a programmatic and relevant way.  However, even with technology, strategy and marketing focus, some programs fail while others succeed.

Forget about your SEO investment. Disregard your PPC budget. B2B marketers should be asking themselves, “Am I getting all I can from search engines... for free?” Consider this: searching is the second most popular online activity today — second only to email. In fact, comScore (August 2009) estimates that Google alone handles 304 million searches a day. Given this large volume of activity, search engines can tell you a lot about your customers

When you first start a magazine publishing business expect to face the pressure of competing against those magazines that have been in the industry for years and also other new players with hefty pocketbooks who are able to experiment with different layouts and titles before they settle on one particular look. If you decide that you, too, want to be in this industry, be aware that it’s a pretty tough sell.

While this story pretends to be about things becoming free, that’s only in the sense of free samples; buy one, get one free; bare bones for free in hopes of selling the deluxe version; free but with advertising. You know the drill.

There are literally 25 to 30 different types of online video ads - Online video needs a scalable third-party ad-serving solution - Standards won't emerge without field trials of ads and ad formats

In nearly every conference room across the business landscape it's inevitable that at some point the phrase "social media" enters the discussion. Marketers, PR and salespeople are among the first to engage in the discussions, trying to figure how networks can be leveraged to sell more stuff. But I'd like to propose another way to approach the topic. What if we looked at "social media" as a design problem? If you take a trip over to Wikipedia and enter the word "design" you'll see this at the very beginning of the entry:

"How can I feel confident when I am speaking?" asked a participant in a recent workshop I conducted. While the question was specific to public speaking, the answer I gave is relevant to any leader, whether she is on stage giving a presentation or working with her team on an important project. The answer lies within you.

"People think that the first draft is the big event and that revision is cleaning up afterward. But the first draft is really setting up the chairs, tables, and cups, and revision isn't cleaning up after the party, it is the party."

-After you've set your goals, investigate the necessary tools for accomplishing your campaign goals
-Know your recipients, whether you acquired their information yourself or through a third party
-Testing your campaign repeatedly ensures delivery and consumer response

The availability of customer relationship management packages for the small and mid-size business market is growing, particularly in the on-demand or software-as-a-service models.