Getting Started

Magazine Publishing Concepts You Must Understand

When you first start a magazine publishing business expect to face the pressure of competing against those magazines that have been in the industry for years and also other new players with hefty pocketbooks who are able to experiment with different layouts and titles before they settle on one particular look. If you decide that you, too, want to be in this industry, be aware that it’s a pretty tough sell.

CRM: Software as a Customer Service

The availability of customer relationship management packages for the small and mid-size business market is growing, particularly in the on-demand or software-as-a-service models.

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Article HIghlights:

* Use your emails to offer a glimpse of your website
* If you have multiple offers, send more than one message
* Personalize the message as much as you can

Startup Article by The Surviving Small Press: Starting a Magazine

Since Fall I've noticed many of the requests that come in for sample newsletters are from people either thinking about or actually getting started in magazine publishing. The most frequent comment they make is there isn't much information available on running a magazine, and they want advice, so this seemed like a good time to touch on periodicals again.

Publishing a magazine may seem like a dream, but these entrepreneurs made it a reality.

Want to be at the helm of the next Vogue, Car and Driver, Field & Stream or Entrepreneur magazine? There's nothing like the exquisite joy of seeing your name on a newsstand, especially if you're the publisher of a magazine that covers your favorite subjects whether it's music, shopping, collecting or world issues.


Secrets of Starting a Magazine

Don't miss this excellent article by Steve Cooper for insights of the secrets to what it really takes to start and run a magazine (Entrepreneur.com - MSNBC.com)

How to launch a great magazine

Launch specialist Alun Probert takes a look at some of today's most successful titles and finds that, with the right formula, there's a bright future for the industry's innovators...

We're very lucky to work in an industry where, in the past ten years, we've seen some of the most mould breaking and dynamic new launches of possibly any decade. If there's one broad lesson we can learn from their varied successes, it's that there's no obvious reason why publishers can't continue to come up with great ideas that become hugely profitable, famous magazines.

8 key steps to magazine publishing success

The single most important factor leading to success in publishing, or any business is this, rule number one: appoint the best people to every key position. By the best, I mean the smartest, hardest working and most talented. Of course, the ability must be matched to the position. Having the right experience is also very important, and so, to a degree, is a person’s character.

Ten Hot Tips for First-Time Publishers

I frequently meet people who are thinking of starting a new newsletter or magazine. Often such people spend most of their time worrying about how their publication will LOOK, not how it will SELL. Sadly, more than two-thirds of new publications started by first-time publishers flop within a few months. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to increase the odds that your own publishing ideas will succeed.

The Worsley Press - 40 Selected Pages Book Preview

Author Gordon Woolf offers a preview of "The new 4th edition of How to Start and Produce a Magazine or Newsletter"  Book Preview Link: http://www.worsleypress.com/magbook/Magpreview.pdf