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If there’s one common discussion on things to test with your landing pages, it’s whether or not to use video.

Those in industries other than publishing have the most use for video, some might say. Video tutorials for software, repurposing commercials for beverages, and other versions of video can be used to show a user that a product a real, and even more, it’s great. Hey, even dentists are getting into video.

In general, websites are seeing an increase in conversion rates from video in the 1-2% range, but can go as high as 12%.

You won’t get any business from your company blog if nobody knows about it. To reach its full potential, a blog needs traffic. To get visitors, use a mix of old-fashioned marketing and contemporary Web tools.

Most organizations fail. The vast majority of new restaurants don't survive two years. Over 90% of the car companies that existed in the early 1900s were gone by the 1940s. At least a few of today's most successful enterprises appear to be going down the same path.

Confronted with a message like this, most computer users feel compelled to take urgent action. Fortunately, instructions for what to do are right in front of them: click on a box to scan the computer. Once the scan is complete, and dozens of infections have been identified, they must go to a security website and pay $49.99 to download software that will remove the infections and safeguard their systems.

Article Highlights:

   * Deliverability continues to get worse
    * Social media is fundamentally changing how people use email
    * Email marketing must adapt for new technologies and the mobile future

Article Highlights:

    * Takeovers that begin quickly with non-static creatives are most effective
    * A takeover is an event so the creative better be out of the ordinary
    * Takeovers don't need to be big and intrusive to succeed

Margo Redfern's first attempt at building a website was a disaster. In 2007, she started a business, FlattenMe.com, to sell personalized children's books and cards. To build the site, Redfern hired a team of freelance programmers that a friend of her husband's had recommended.

Since Fall I've noticed many of the requests that come in for sample newsletters are from people either thinking about or actually getting started in magazine publishing. The most frequent comment they make is there isn't much information available on running a magazine, and they want advice, so this seemed like a good time to touch on periodicals again.

We are currently preparing a resource for the key costs associated with starting a new magazine publication.  These will be relative financial estimates and business expenses that a magazine publisher should expect to take into consideration in the business planning phase.  As this is a very popular topic for startups, we invite you to ask questions about budgeting and costs in our forum as this interaction will also help us to build an outline for general cost considerations.  MagazineLaunch Community: Planning and managing a successful start-up

FIPP has completed a second study of successful websites operated by consumer magazine publishers around the world following a survey in 2003. Many of these sites have attracted new audiences who do not read the printed magazine, and new advertisers who do not advertise in print. More than half the sites are making a profit in their own right.


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