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Resource focus on MagazinePublisher.com - services the short to medium run publication market. Whether you publish an existing magazine or catalog, are starting a new title, or looking for other magazine-related services, Magazine Publisher can provide a variety of creative and production alternatives.

Locating writers for your magazine and considerations for working with writers

Are you starting a new magazine or is your publication already off the ground? If so, you can already relate to the need for solutions and ideas to handle your daily publishing challenges. Joining a publishing association with the membership, experience, and resources to support your business is well worth the time and member fee investment.

MagazineLaunch.com Resource Focus Profile of the Independent Press Association

Regroup… is this a new management trend? Not a chance! Regroup is simply an opportunity to end one month’s business cycle, recap the performance of the publications you manage and outline a plan of success for the new upcoming month. Why does it work? Because it allows each person on your team to assess their performance from the previous month, and make any necessary adjustments for the new month. Here’s how it works.

When you hire the best, the rest is easy” We have heard this phrase many times, but how do we put this concept into action? We know that hiring the best people is vital to the success of your magazine publishing company, especially if youre growing fast. And certainly, your customers have high service expectations. So how do you hire and keep top people? Lets start from the beginning.

This could be a short article. The secret to attracting the best writers? Pay the best bucks.

The End.

But wait! What's that you say? You can't afford to pay $5 per word? Well, okay, then you might need a few other attractive qualities to get writers on your side.

2004-05 Magazine Handbook. A Comprehensive Guide for Advertisers, Advertising Agencies and Consumer Marketers. Your single source reference for timely information about consumer magazines. Click here to Open 2004-05 Magazine Handbook PDF File

To help understand the magazine printing job flow from introduction to delivery, MagazinePublisher.com has compiled a "Print Process Made Easy" overview that provides a great example of what to expect based on their process of establishing a client relationship.

Magazine business plans usually include a text description of the magazine idea, some sample pages (possible a mock cover, table of contents, and a few feature articles), and three years of financial projections, plus detailed analysis of competitive magazines. I offer a simple planning kit that includes a text outline of the text and a financial workbook. Click HERE for more information about the kit. You should also review the best-selling book about magazine plans:

Here are some tips for making sure your 'publication-style website' presents the right elements to provide readership interaction and revenue producing functionality.



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