Editor & Publisher Kathy Jentz magazine startup Q & A. 
After working for 15 years in association publishing (both trade and professional organizations), I was looking for an opportunity to strike out on my own. In my previous jobs, I had revamped a few magazines, launched several newsletters (both print and online), and oversaw web site designs.

image copyright issuesIt’s the dirty word that creeps in the way of some of our most brilliant shots. The perfect suit making the deal at the Commodities Exchange, Shamu midair or your moment of glory holding an Oscar or Emmy only to find out: infringement! Most of us are game, sure we’ll play by the rules  but just what are those rules exactly and where exactly can you find them? After hours, days and weeks it only leads to finding out it’s a never-ending battle and search. Despite this little world of the web, there’s yet to be a concise place where you can fill your brain with the rights and wrongs. It’s forever changing, and this article may become out of date by the time it’s published, but before time's up we’ll work to fill in some blanks  so read quickly before this expires.

“Did you hear what our competitor is doing?” This question has caused many publishing company and advertising sales professionals to freeze in their tracks. What about you?Does your advertising sales team know what your competitors are doing? And if a prospect was to ask them, “ give me 10 unique reasons why I should buy an ad from you and your company," could they answer this question without a pause?“ Knowing thy competitor” is critical, and this article will outline three easy ways to know more about them, than they know about you! Let’s get started!

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The State of the News Media report contains a detailed section focused on news magazines with information, charts, and references providing insights about trends in the magazine publishing industry.

The number one rule of being successful in the world of publicity (or in just about any other field, for that matter): Don't sabotage your efforts with dumb -- and easily correctable -- mistakes. Here then are the dumb things that publicity seekers do. Avoid them, and you'll be well on your way to scoring great coverage!

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Niche Media announces the first-ever Niche Magazine Conference, a first of its kind event designed specifically for small-to-medium niche publishers.

MediabistroMagazine publishers follow the money...straight to the web. 

"In the lead-up to the re-launch of Radar magazine last year, editor-in-chief Maer Roshan emphasized that the magazine's website was going to be a major part of the endeavor." - Mediabistro.com article by daily Media Newsfeed editor David S. Hirschman

If E-Mail Clients Mangle Your HTML... Fix It!

Does your email newsletter contain a text link that directs readers to a Web version if they can't read the content in their email clients? If you don't, you should. But that alone won't absolve you of the sin of bad HTML design.  Article by Kirill Popov and Loren McDonald - ClickZ Experts.