How to Revise an Email so that People will Read it

"People think that the first draft is the big event and that revision is cleaning up afterward. But the first draft is really setting up the chairs, tables, and cups, and revision isn't cleaning up after the party, it is the party."

7 Steps for Launching your Email Program

-After you've set your goals, investigate the necessary tools for accomplishing your campaign goals
-Know your recipients, whether you acquired their information yourself or through a third party
-Testing your campaign repeatedly ensures delivery and consumer response

Get the most out of your welcome email

Article HIghlights:

* Use your emails to offer a glimpse of your website
* If you have multiple offers, send more than one message
* Personalize the message as much as you can

How to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control

A reader recently asked me, "How do you deal with an incredibly full inbox that makes you feel like a jerk?"

I'm happy the question asks, "how do you deal." An inbox is as personal a space as an underwear drawer — we all have one and are all embarrassed by both its organization and contents. Thus to tell someone how to manage their inbox could be perceived as an intrusion into their undergarments.

And that would be inappropriate.

What is appropriate to share is my own principles of inbox management: